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for when the rain will arri. . >> you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. >> get ready for a one, two, three punch from mother nature. the timetable for when the rain will arrive. >> their school bus was going up in flames. how to hero driver save add disabled student who was trapped inside. >> and don't let this happen to you. the new tactics shipping companies are using to stop package thieves in their track. >> i'm allen martin. ken bastida has the night off tonight. cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook
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in the bay area city that will likely be the hardest hit. >> reporter: this area, i should say, once all the moisture roles off the pacific and hits the north bay hills they literally act like a wash cloth. for the next few days that wash cloth will be ringing out. this isn't the time to sit back and watch the clouds go by. patricia of san ansalo is loading up on sandbags to keep the water out of her home. >> we live in a low spot at the bottom of a hill. a lot of water comes down. this is to go around the garage and some of the doors and also in the basement. >> david manages an apartment complex in larksbur. >> we made sure all the leave were swept up. and also taking all the furniture down on the decks. >> but it's business as usual
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at the christmas tree lot at the bonaire shopping center. >> we've had wind storms and rainstorms. and they're lots of fun. people come out rain or shine. >> jaime has been working at the lot every year for the past 33 years. he says he doesn't need to do much to prepare for the storm. in fact, he says bring it on. >> a rainstorm is awesome. it helps feed the tree. >> we hear the warnings year after year. but they're worth repeating the words are always more slick the first few day of the storm. load up on sandbags if you need them. and don't forget to clear out the storm drains. >> well the rain is about to dominate. but something else will grab our attention in the morning. >> before we get the rain we'll get wind. there's a wind advisory in effect for round one. the first will get here tonight. you're going to wake up tomorrow. the winds will be gusty.
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so calm outside right now. but by tomorrow morning we'll see wind gusts of 30 to 45 miles per hour. there's a high wind warning in effect. the rain is still several hours away. i think we'll see rain in the bay area. in san francisco as soon as 5:00 tomorrow morning. so a messy morning commute with wind and rain. after that, the flooding potential increases. we have an atmosphere river heading our way. everything is setting up perfectly for heavy rainfall to pile into the bay area for three straight days. this is our future cast model predicting where we're going to go between now and friday. the colors in the north bay. more than four inch of rainfall by friday. in total we're looking at the total of double digit rainfall. more than 10 inches of rain. if you want to check out the
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radar 24 hours a day. you can find high definition doppler radar on our website. >> a couple driving in oakland found themselves staring down the barrel of a gun. and they caught it all on a cell phone camera. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers tells us what happened next. >> a gunman pulled up. two of them. there were words. watch as one points a handgun. once and then again. police the say the men michael meadows and james crosby were wreckless drivers out for revenge. they wanted the couples cell phone. the woman in the car calls police. after more threats the gunmen drive off and so does the couple. but it does end there the couple drove to this area in east oakland. what they didn't know is that the gunmen followed them. one of the suspects opened
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their car door. jumped inside. and pulled the gun again. >> the husband is able to push the suspect out of the car and tells his wife hit the gas and get out of here. >> crosby and meadows opened fire. a bullet hitting the car but injuring no one. it took police only hours to track down the suspects. >> one of our officer was viewing the video and recognized one of the suspects who was in possession and firing one of the fire arms. they were lost during a high speed chase and later they were arrested. they're facing charges for assault with a deadly we and attempted robbery. in oakland, christin ayers cbs 5. >> comedian cat williams is in trouble again. the chp says williams was spotted riding a three wheeled motorcycle on a sacramento sidewalk on sunday. police say when they tried to
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pull him over he took off drive driving against traffic. the comic was arrested for assaulting a fan in oakland twelve days ago. and he's being sued by fans for a bizarre on stage melt down at oracle arena a couple days after that. the state's broke. universities are struggling. this is a surprise. u uc re gents approved a raise. cbs 5 reporter juliette tells us it's not sitting well with folks. >> reporter: uc berkeley officially named its tenth chancellor and with ate pay increase of $50,000 certainly
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fueling the fire tonight at a student protest. >> at 5:30 tonight police show up where six students are locked inside who are chained next to if doors some waving out a window to a group of supporters. their demonstration is calling attention to the low enrollment of student of color. nicholas dirks and his 11.4 percent salary increase. >> they tried to barge in. they'll seriously injure or maybe kill these students. >> the 50,000-dollar pay increase isn't sitting well with many students on campus. >> but now you see, there's no money. we have to raise your fees again by 24 percent over the next four years. which means six percent per year but at the same time we have enough money to give a raise of salary to a chancellor. >> that's uncalled for.
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>> jerry brown and senator leland also oppose the chancellor salary despite the 50,000-dollar increase coming from private donors. >> he should lead by good example. and leading by good example would have been not to take this particular raise and say to the students we're with you. we want you to get the very, very best. and we're not going to somehow take all this money so that you can suffer. >> before tonight's protest chancellor dirks announced to day quote the best education comes out of a diverse community of people. >> we spoke to a protester on the 6th floor by phone. you can see her in the window as we talk. she said she hopes the new chancellor will follow through on creating a diverse university as he cashes his checks but she says she's skeptical. now the students on the 6th floor came down peacefully a few minutes ago. no arrests with the
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chancellor's new open door policy they hope to be able to talk to him very soon about their diversity needs. the 15-year-old suspect a deadly san jose crime spree will stand trial as an adult. he faces eight felony counts including murder and attempted murder of a peace officer. police say he and 26-year-old jonathan will banks robbed a string of san jose businesses on november 16th. before killing 22-year-old rory for his car. the crime spree ended in a police shoot out and left an officer hurt. a school bus driver saved a disabled students life after the bus burst into flames. a passer by snapped this photo of the bus as it caught fire this morning near silendale middle school. there was only one child on
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board but she was strapped in an electric chair. the flames had cut off the power. so he unbuckled the student scooped her up and carried her to safety. >> she did everything perfect. above and beyond. and when i asked her what were you thinking? she says i wasn't. i was just thinking about this precious child that just had to get off the bus. >> she did it acosta didn't want to talk on camera. no one was hurt the firefighters were able to save the student's wheelchair. it's an episode he wants to forget. an actor that went on a tirade trashing his hit tv show is now explaining himself. >> if you're sick of saying can you hear me now? why going to church can improve your cell phone service. >> how a healthy bay area college student who never smoked wound up fighting lung cancer.
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about bashing his popular cs sitcom, "two and a half men" "if you watch two and a half men, please st and a half men. i . >> teen actor angus t jones says he sorry about bashing his popular cbs sitcom two and a half men. >> if you watch two and a half men please stop watching two and a half men. i'm on two and a half men i don't want to be on it. please stop watching it. please stop filling your head with filth. >> jones a recently converted 7th day add venntist says the sitcom does not mesh with his religious beliefs he makes more than $300,000 an episode. in a statement tonight he said i apologize if my remarks
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reflect me showing indifference too and disrespect of my colleagues and a look of appreciation for the extraordinary opportunity which i have been blessed i never intended that. >> more than 14,000 people in california will die from lung cancer this year. many of them never even smoked. tonight cbs 5's doctor share as story of a remarkable young college student and star athlete who ended up in the fight of her life. >> reporter: in 2009 a senior jill had three goals. graduate, win nationals, and beat cancer. >> it was so surreal. it was so unbelievable. the healthy 24-year-old had stage four lung cancer. the type usually found in nonsmokers. the most common type seen in women. >> there are things that you think in the back of your mind could happen and you're always trying to guard your child from
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it. but lung cancer is not something that ever occurs to anyone. >> parents mary and jim say jill was dealing with cancer but foremost she was living her life. and live it she did. >> she got a 4.0 average her senior year. >> let's beat lung cancer. >> she worked with the lung cancer foundation to organize jog for jill. the charity runs to help raise awareness and beat lung cancer big time. and she got back to crew. >> she was going from chemo to practice in the rain. >> pushing teammates to give it their all. >> when she says to a teammate you need to be tougher here. for it to coming from her who was battling for her life it had a profound effect on the team. >> it never took away her sunny side. >> jill always had a smile in
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her voice. she could say one of the most demanding toughest things or harshest things possible but she said it in a way that inspired everybody. >> her courage and determination made her the top 10 athlete of the year. jill graduated wearing her medal and a blond wig. she died five weeks later in june of 2010 at age 22. >> every day. every minute. all through the day. all through the day i think of jill. >> jill's legacy lives on. >> she's going to be part of our team forever. and i think, you know, she's definitely made our team and the women on our team made them better athletes. but more importantly made them better people. >> trying to find a cure and to change the way the world views lung cancer. >> it's just like this little pebble thrown in a pond but these ripples are just growing and they're so mighty. and i think eventually they
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will accomplish her mission. i think there will be a cure. >> jill's journey is now inspiring a childhood friend as she goes the extra mile searching for a cure. kelsey harrison is running from new york to san francisco. and 8 million people are following the great lung run. i'll have that story tomorrow. dr. kim, cbs 5. cell phone companies have come up with an unusual way to keep one the demand for service. mark sugar man on the deal they're making with a higher power. >> reporter: there never seems to be enough cell coverage for the calls we're make. a lot of times the calls break up. people want antennas but they don't want them in their neighborhood and they don't want to see them. well your prayers may have been answered.
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church steeples make a wonderful location for a cell site. >> people don't like the obvious ones even when they try to dress them up. at canyon creek presbyterian the pastor says they make upwards of $30,000 a year for putting a site in the steeple. many others are doing the same thing around the bay area. they do lose part of their tax exemption but still make money and cell companies love them. >> it's up in the air. it's giving good connectivity and people don't see us. >> they're the latest place towers are hidden in plane site. they're disguised as tree. there's controversy no matter where they go. >> churches as independent nonprofits could be unduly influenced. >> she worried it could help the companies in lobbying efforts. utilities say heavens no.
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they want to provide better service from up above the tree line. a gorgeous night in the bay area. and this is the view from chopper five earlier tonight. beautiful view of downtown san francisco. >> it's going to be a big change tomorrow. i have to get up in chopper five. that what a heck of a nice view. i it will you what we're going to see wind gusts quickly going from nothing to about 30 to 45 miles per hour. tomorrow morning. it will be wet and win i do tomorrow. flooding rainfall is looking more and more likely because we're getting closer to the actual event and the computer forecast models aren't changing. saying a lot of rain is coming to the bay area. flooding rainfall likely to begin now as soon as early thursday evening with several straight day of rainfall. that peak outside it's gorgeous. enjoy the calm while we have it because after tonight it's going to be bumpy weather wise for several days. how much rainfall? six to eight inch of rain by
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sunday. clear lake, six to eleven inch of rainfall. in san francisco three to six inches of rain by sunday. and walnut creek three to five inches of rainfall. it all begins tomorrow. high definition doppler is picking it up right now. when the rain comes it will bring wind with it. 30 to 45 miles per hour in the city. along the coast. higher hill tops we could see 50 to 60 miles per hour. what's going on? we have a lot of areas of low pressure way out to the west. that's going to help steer all the moisture out there. but it's going to get consolidated first and steered toward the bay area. all these pieces are coming together and this puzzle is being created for all this rain to move into one spot right into the bay area. so tomorrow morning we're windy. we're wet. then a bit of a break. tomorrow afternoon, the first half of thursday will be dry.
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then thursday night the heavy rain comes back. from thursday night all the way until sunday we'll have heavy rainfall likely and significant rainfall totals by the end of the weekend. it's a high likelihood we'll see flooding especially north of the golden gate. watch out the north bay this weekend. 63 the high for san francisco and liver moore. windy to start then things calm down. extended forecast, we get that break early on thursday. then the heavy rain moves in. we're wet friday through sunday with clearing skies by the top of next week. but prepare yourselves for flooding coming up this weekend. sports is coming up next. >> coming up thieves waiting for the delivery truck. the new things you can do to protect your holiday loot.
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cbs 5 reporter julie watts s us what shipping com . >> don't let grinch steal your holiday presents. >> because it's that time of year. julie shows us what shipping companies are doing to keep
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thieves from swiping your packages. >> reporter: officer david blake says so called porch pirating rises dramatically this time of year because there's so many deliveries and packages are easy pickings. >> they may be driving around neighborhoods and looking for packages and seeing whatever they see on the porches. >> there are many options to protect your packages this holiday season. the old standards have them delivered to your work or neighbor who's home during the day. and take advantage of signature requirements. if those aren't an option most delivery services will hold your package for pick up upon request and both the postal service and ups provide several methods of package tracking. >> take the steps necessary to ensure that either someone is there that you're able to track that package to assure it
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doesn't spend an unnecessary amount of time out in public view. >> it's not just delivery services, amazon is now delivering to lockers at fixed locations. you will have to take the time to pick it up. but better you than someone else. >> you can also ask them to leave your packages in a safer hidden location. like behind the house or behind a gate. on a personal note we asked our mailman not to have any packages unattended after having two stolen in one week. >> the 49ers lose another player for a weekend. but they won't be losing their starting quarter back for a long, long time. sports minute, next.
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. >> just a week after call fired ted the search for his replacement is intensifying. former raiders head coach hue jack man told the bay area news group that it's a golden opportunity. jackson also said he's not been contacted by cal but he was targeted as a possible replacement. another report said jackson could interview with the school this week. meanwhile 49er line backer signs a contract. this guy is a stud. he leads the team in tackles with 129. was not all good news however. kendle out for the year with a torn acl and the same game that kyle williams tore his acl. injuries are going to open the door for the 49ers first two
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draft picks neither has seen the playing field so far this year. but you know what makes a areal lie good football team, sometimes is the depth. when you start losing those pieces you start losing football games. >> well we'll see now won't we. >> we're going to take you back outside. >> if it was the raiders you'd be all over it. >> enjoy that. ,,,,
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